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The Milanese men's footwear salon

Since 1987 it has been the temple of men's footwear in Milan, a treasure trove of a selection of prestigious British and American brands and an expression of Italian artisan footwear mastery that have made and continue to make the history of elegance and international style. Iliprandi carries on a historical tradition that has gone beyond the borders of Italy reaching the whole world.

Milan Showroom Piazza San Marco 1

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Classic shoes that are no longer only exclusive to a formal suit worn by a professional, but wear a more casual look thus entering the wardrobe of the youngest, of a man who lets himself be guided by the taste, elegance and refinement of a ageless style.

Style enclosed in the history of the brands that Iliprandi has chosen for its Milanese living room, a shoe cult place where you can share your passion for footwear while sipping a flute of champagne in a convivial atmosphere with background music, delicate essences, the scent of leather, a furnishing of unique and exclusive pieces with Chester armchairs, antique suitcases as the base of the tables, soft cashmere scarves that complete, together with a selected range of accessories, the world of a modern and contemporary gentleman and dandy.

The brands

John Lobb, Edward Green, Church's, Crockett & Jones, Tricker's, Paraboot, Cheaney. Brands that define the indelible imprint of the man who loves to wear the best.

Tradition and research

The result of research and careful selection, the models chosen by Iliprandi represent the evolution of a historic tradition. Aware of having inherited an important legacy, the two young men, the soul of the new Iliprandi concept, want to build on a heritage so full of history, an international expression of elegance without borders, with a continuous gaze on the world, through ideas and initiatives originals.

Today's man is demanding, cultured, elegant, attentive to the evolution of fashions. He doesn't want just one model, but a style made up of several proposals that will accompany him throughout his life. Following this sensitivity, Iliprandi has thought for its guests-customers to create, together with the footwear Maisons, an exclusive unique piece of the Milan salon-boutique.


It's not all. Service is the plus that supports the solidity of a brand that has traveled around the world. In support of this value, the owners have created the concept of Iliprandi Uniques Shoes.

An idea that invites every man to bring a classic model of shoe to the boutique for a restyling that will give it a new flavor and a new, absolutely personal life, to be worn with the same class and style of the past. without losing the aesthetic and emotional bond. A unique and inimitable piece, made original by the mastery of Tuscan craftsmanship. A project that does not come about by itself, but is accompanied by Iliprandi Vintage Selection.

A selection of unobtainable Alden, John Lobb, Church's customized through an artisan process done exclusively by hand, from the treatments to the colors, which make a shoe unique in its kind.

A world where exclusivity and service are a must. A temple that makes footwear a creature to be treated with respect and grace, defining the canons of the absoluteness of beauty.


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