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Berwick 1707 is a historical brand of handmade shoes and accessories in men's leather that uses a process invented in 1871 by Charles Goodyear Jr. to make its products. The Berwick 1707 shoes are characterized by the use of the best leather, the rubber soles Dainite, the cork for the midsole and the upper in cowhide. Each pair of shoes Berwirck 1707 is unique because the cut, the color and the effects on the leather, are handmade and this justifies the presence of some "beautiful" imperfection. Berwick 1707 offers classic shoes, such as ankle boots, lace-ups, leather accessories and very refined belts, ideal for men who love to always be elegant. Check out our Berwick 1707 selection on the online shop and take advantage of our Outlet's best prices. Made entirely by hand with materials of great value and quality, ensure longevity in time, comfort and elegance in any occasion. Refined and comfortable contemporary shoes that reflect the brand's philosophy: classicism combined with elegance.
Berwick 1707

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