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John Lobb has been producing luxury men's shoes in a traditional way since 1829 and using only high quality products. Iliprandi offers a very fine line made to measure, which combines an equally excellent line goodyear. All models pass into the hands of expert craftsmen so that they can create unique models for their kind that can satisfy everyone's dreams. The wide range of leathers allows the customer to indulge in the choice of leather, whether it is cowhide or chamois, strictly selected, or other types of more exotic leather, such as crocodile. Even the colors vary according to the personal choices of the customer: the "Deep Blue", a very dark blue that tends towards black, "Gold", a very bright brown, and classic black. For those who choose exotic leather, you can make shoes with more eccentric colors, such as green or yellow. Buy the Maison shoes collection online on a true icon of style, luxury and quality
John Lobb

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